Advice for Adapting Uk Office Space

With the UK government easing the lockdown restrictions that have been in place in the UK since the end of March, there are a growing number of people who are being encouraged to go back to work, and a growing number of businesses that need to decide how best to manage this safely.

Offices, which have increasingly shifted towards open-plan spaces, often with not much space between desks, will need to be altered to allow for social distancing rules and greater cleanliness.

An article for HR Director recently offered advice to businesses that are exploring how they can bring people back into offices safely.

One of the most important will be hygiene precautions. Increasing the frequency of your commercial cleaning in London is one option, but you also need to ensure that there are sufficient hygiene products available for employees. According to the news provider, simple and cost-effective solutions include hand sanitiser dispensers and anti-bacterial wipes.

The frequency of deep cleaning, particularly in shared areas, will need to be increased. What’s more, employees will need to be encouraged to wipe down “high traffic contact zones”, such as door handles, bathrooms, desks and chairs, multiple times throughout the day.

A survey conducted by the British Council for Offices recently revealed that many British workers are looking forward to returning to their offices. Just 20 per cent said they now planned to work from home permanently, with 27 per cent instead planning to work from home for less than half of the working week.

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