Employees ‘Concerned’ About Hygiene Standards In The Office

With the government easing a few lockdown restrictions and some of the UK’s workforce now returning to their jobs, a new study has revealed that 44 per cent of people are worried about hygiene and cleaning standards in their offices.

Carried out by the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM), the study found that 34 per cent of workers are worried about returning and getting used to a corporate office culture after lockdown.

Some 49 per cent of the UK’s employees are working from home at the moment but are actually looking forward to getting back into the office, despite concerns such as these. Some issues relating to working from home were identified, such as not having a separate home office, difficulties with maintaining productivity and problems with distractions at home.

Director of insight at the IWFM Chris Moriarty explained that once lockdown is lifted, there will be limits placed on the numbers allowed into office buildings at once so the home working environment may be instrumental in who goes back to work first.

“The key thing is that businesses are mindful not to treat home versus office working as a binary choice but part of a strategic approach to support work wherever it can best take place.

They should look to strike a balance between providing compelling reasons to return to a corporate space with flexible working policies and an investment in supporting a productive home-working set up,” he went up to say.

Government guidelines relating to the safe return to work stipulate that workplaces will need to be cleaned effectively on a regular basis to help limit transmission – and hopefully regular cleaning will also help allay any fears your staff members may have about going to work.

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