Office Hygiene Tips For Global Handwashing Day

In years gone by,  you might never have heard of Global Handwashing Day, which falls on 15 October, but given the events and circumstances of 2020, we all know the importance of maintaining good hand hygiene to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

It has become essential for businesses to implement enhanced cleaning and hygiene procedures to protect employees, as well as promoting preventative measures, such as washing hands for 20 seconds or more, to avoid infecting and spreading the virus.

The pandemic has meant people have had heightened anxiety about contracting COVID-19, and as it continues to spread around the world, disrupting every facet of our everyday lives, handwashing has become more important than ever.

However, many people still neglect, forget, or simply just don’t do it, even though handwashing is still one of the best ways to prevent catching or spreading the infection to others. It is an easy and effective way to make sure employees remain healthy and productive.

The lockdown measures have meant that many people are working from home where they can, although some people do have to return to the office, whether that’s full time or just a day or two a week.

Companies need to promote and encourage those office-bound employees to adopt the enhanced hygiene measures introduced to help stop spreading the virus to colleagues.

We have some advice for businesses to follow to help stop there spread of COVID-19, as well as other illnesses and viruses, such as seasonal flu.

Improving hand hygiene in the office

Here are some hand hygiene tips that businesses can follow to halt the spread of viruses and illness among employees:

  1. Companies must ensure that every person in the office washes their hands or applies sanitiser every time they touch common surfaces through direct touch, or if their laptops and other devices come in contact with common surfaces.
  2. Install automatic ‘no-touch’ soap dispensers and hand dryers in the washroom to eliminate the need to touch any object which can transmit the virus.
  3. Place signage in the washroom, especially near the sink, to remind employees to wash their hands properly with instructions on how to do it properly. It is important to discourage people from carrying smartphones into washrooms as it will mitigate all the good work of washing their hands.
  4. Install antibacterial door handles or implement frequent cleaning of doorknobs to help prevent the transmission of surface swelling viruses. Typically, it’s the doorknobs where the bacteria can build up and transmit viruses. However, frequent cleaning, to an extent, can control the spread.

We need to remember that every day should be Global Handwashing Day, and we need to make sure we wash our hands regularly to help contribute to the wellbeing and good health of ourselves, our colleagues and everyone we might come into contact with.

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