‘Stringent Hygiene Levels’ For OYO Guesthouses

As the UK gradually starts to reopen for business, the consequences of the pandemic are now starting to be seen, revealing the changes to our way of life we can now expect to see – the new normal, if you will.

Much of this comes down to cleaning and hygiene, as well as social distancing measures, as you might well expect… and it’s certainly interesting to see what different businesses are now doing to ensure the safety of their customers while keeping themselves afloat at the same time.

Hotel chain OYO, which has more than 200 properties in the UK that range from B&Bs and guesthouses to business hotels and traditional inns, has said it will be prioritising a minimal-touch experience, with “stringent levels of hygiene”, as well as taking the ongoing need for social distancing into account, Business Traveller reports.

Other changes will include the removal of excess furniture from lobbies to create additional space and discourage the use of chairs and sofas, disinfected room keys and remote controls given to guests in ziplock bags, lifts only being shared by a single family or the occupants of one room at a time, and stock maintenance of masks, disposable gloves and hand sanitiser.

It may be difficult to reassure customers in the near term so businesses would certainly be wise to take all the steps they can to keep their premises clean and hygienic – which is where commercial cleaning in London will really come into its own.

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