The Role Of A Security Guard During COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic continues unabated, the role of the security guard has needed to adapt their tactics and behaviours to meet the changing conditions and requirements.

There is an increased need for security for public health, for example in retail premises, as well as for the security of property and businesses. Many security personnel have been enlisted to assist local governments and communities to cope with the social, physical, and psychological ramifications of the pandemic.

We tale a look at the changing and adaptable role of the security guard during the pandemic.

Healthcare security services

Security personnel have been vital for hospital and healthcare centres as they deal with the increased admission of patients who have contracted COVID-19, ensuring that patients and medical personnel are safely transferred to and from nearby isolation zones, and helping in the establishment of NHS Nightingale and temporary medical facilities around the UK.

There has been a need for security to cordon off certain areas for the protection of patients and staff, as well as enforcing one-way systems and routes around hospitals, in additions to the4 usual roles of providing help and assistance to ensure public safety.

This has led to healthcare facilities requiring an increased presence of security guards, which has demonstrated how vital the security sector has been during this time. Many security personnel have been trained in optimal hygiene protocols and are helping to educate the public by explaining how best to protect themselves and their loved ones during uncertain times.

Public safety

Previously, security personnel were used in the retail sector for the prevention of shoplifting and retail staff safety, but this has evolved into a more public safety role. It may now be the role of security to monitor and limit the number of shoppers in a store at any given time, as well as ensuring customers are wearing face masks and using provided hand sanitiser.

There is also a need for extra security services in public spaces, such as parks and shopping centres and retail parks to ensure that people are adhering to social distancing guidelines, particularly in areas that are subject to local lockdowns.

Mobile patrol services

While some people have begun retiring to the office and workplaces, there are still many that have not, and there are many offices, retail stores, warehouses and commercial outlets that are still standing empty, or minimally staffed.

Security personnel are needed to provide mobile patrols to protect property and businesses, as well as manning CCTV and alarm response hubs, as well as CCTV monitoring. Fire alarm systems also still need to be regularly checked, and false alarms still need to be attended.

There may also be a requirement for reopening workplaces to add additional security personnel to restrict the numbers of people arriving into the office all at once, conducting temperature checks, and maintaining social distancing rules.

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