Top Tips To Create A Covid Secure Workplace

As the recent news that the UK’s prime minister is isolating after coming into contact with a colleague who has had a positive Covid-19 diagnosis shows, we all need to take care when we’re in a work environment to help stop the spread of the virus.

While many are once again working from home during this second nationwide lockdown in England, there are those who still need to travel into offices and other workspaces. So, what can your business do to ensure it is covid secure?

The Express & Star recently offered some advice, noting that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance stipulates that you should carry out risk assessments to identify the work situations that are most likely to expose your employees to Covid-19, and how you can remove or minimise those risks.

Social distancing is a concept that we’ve all come to terms with and it’s one that should be adhered to in all workplaces where it’s practical to do so.

Working side by side rather than face to face is another recommendation from the HSE, the news provider noted.

Of course, cleaning should be stepped up, particularly of frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles and bannisters. If you need assistance with commercial cleaning in London, our team can help in this area.

At the beginning of September, the Guardian reported on comments made by executive director for financial stability, strategy and risk at the Bank of England Alex Brazier, who warned that it is “not possible to use office space – particularly in central London and dense places like that – with the intensity that we used to use it”.

Businesses may therefore need to rethink how they work and where their staff work to ensure they can provide covid secure workplaces for those who need to be in the office but offer flexibility to those who are able to work from home.

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