When Will Your Staff Be Back In The Office?

Although some people have already started returning to their offices in the UK, many more are continuing to work from home while their employers work out how to manage social distancing and the other measures required to help prevent the future spread of Covid-19.

Workplace Insight recently shared the findings of a survey by Mindspace, which revealed that 33 per cent of Londoners intend to return to the office by the end of the summer, with 53 expecting to return to this working environment by the end of 2020.

Almost three-quarters (74 per cent) of those surveyed said that they were looking forward to spending time with their colleagues again.

However, 43 per cent said that they were worried about using the bathroom in their office and 48 per cent stated that their commute in the capital was their biggest concern about going back to the office.

Globally, the top concern among office workers is that their colleagues won’t social distance or won’t take social distancing seriously.

To help ease their employees’ worries, businesses may need to increase the frequency with which communal spaces like bathrooms and kitchens are cleaned.

As we pointed out in June, you may also need to spend some time rearranging office space and areas like kitchens to ensure that your staff are able to social distance when they come back.

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